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ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) is a widely used testing method which measures the antioxidant activity or capability of a food ingredient. The higher the measurement, the better the ORAC value and the more neutralization of those damaging free radicals can occur. ProVit Xcell contains all natural ingredients which support the body’s cellular health. With ProVit Xcell you can be sure you are receiving the highest, most nutritionally enriched combination of ingredients available anywhere in the world; just look at our statistics!

What is Orac?

ProVit Xcell was created knowing that optimal nutrition is the one of the keys to optimal physical and mental health. A major function of good nutrition is to protect the body from oxidative stress within its 80-to-100 trillion cells. In much the same way that our cars burn gasoline and oxygen to produce energy, the body burns glucose and oxygen to produce its energy. Unfortunately energy production produces damaging by-products which are emitted (but now somewhat controlled) in the exhaust of our car engines, or in our case, oxygen free radicals, which damage the DNA and other structures such as the protein factories in our cells.
We can improve our body’s health, strength and overall fitness by attending to those life giving cells by providing them with the nutrition and protection they need. As mentioned above oxidative stress comes from those oxygen free radicals, produced when the body makes energy, damaging the cell’s internal workings. How do we stop that damage? This is where antioxidants, which neutralize those damaging free radicals, come in. A good diet will provide many of these but for most of us the dietary intake of antioxidants is we need supplementation. SomaLife is the leader in “all natural” nutritional and supplemental care. Always miles ahead of our competition, we are proud to be the leading nutraceutical company offering the latest technology to provide renewed longevity, healthy bodies and healthy cells. As a result, we looked at what supplementation was required and how much protection was needed.
Approximately 5 to 6,000 ORAC units of protection are needed daily so we set out to provide that plus trace elements and minerals in a package that could be taken easily as part of our normal daily eating habits.
A GMO is a genetically modified organism (also called "genetically engineered"): a plant, animal, or micro-organism that is created by means that overcome natural boundaries. Genetic engineering involves inserting genes from species that could not breed in nature. For example, genes from a cow that are placed in eggs or tomatoes. GMO foods could have risks for you, your family, and the environment!

Why was Provit Xcell created?

ProVit Xcell is a 3-in-1 Elite Supplement Pack for Peak Performance and Protection! Take SuperX, SomaVit, and Omega-3 everyday to MAXIMIZE Healthy Cell Regeneration! You will feel the difference!

Why do our products produce such incredible results? Unlike our competition, SomaLife uses only the finest ingredients from the inside out...literally!  ProVit Xcell ingredients are "all natural and completely organic", and our state-of-the-art nutritional supplements are encapsulated in an "all natural veggie cap" or “softgel” which ensures fast and complete absorption, unlike most of the competition that use the standard 'gel cap' which does not break down nearly as easily in the body - meaning your supplements may provide you with little to no benefit!

You can purchase all three parts of ProVit Xcell: SomaVit, Super X and Omega-3 individually although SomaLife strongly suggests taking ProVit Xcell for full and complete protection. Also by purchasing ProVit Xcell you SAVE MONEY!


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